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BIO 2016

THE FIALKY (since 2000) Punk rock 77 Is one of the most famous Czech contemporary punk rock bands, singing in their mother language. The Fialky clearly refers in their songs and with its image to the first wave of so-called punk77 bands, but while playing live it is a rather wild almost streetpunk ride. The main musical inspiration will be always the bands as Ramones, Cock Sparrer and the Vibrators. Lyrically, after the original concept of beer punk, which was replaced by the current topic position in appealing for an insight, common sense, street live and union of traditional punks and skinheads. The Fialky are playing theirs music since 2000, but their era has begone in 2006, when it became one of the flagships of the agile domestic label, PHR Records. Where they released four LP albums, three 7 inches and one best off compilation so far. The band also stood at the beginning of the vinyl boom in the Czech Republic, which was also started by its successful first 7 inch Scéna from year 2010. The Fialky had played during more than ten years around 60 concerts per year. In addition to their homeland performances, they have successful concerts in Slovakia and Poland. After the initial concerts in the squats, these days the group is not missing on any playlists of the established local clubs and performs not only at punk festivals, but also on a number of major rock events. There are many rumors and entertaining stories around the band, but one thing is clear: This is a respectable part of czech punk scene that has a great chance to attract even beyond it. Taken from: TCHICHIMANIA

translation the best songs

Přátelé (Friends)

Your friend had left you there alone
When they came to fight in superiority
When there were no chances for victory
He´s standing with the enemies
while you thought he’s a friend
The punches are being delivered
Friends shouldn’t leave each other
No forgiveness for the bastards
Every dirty trick will turn back against you 3 times worse
you can’t take back your mistakes
You’re standing on another side
Rage and anger are the weapons
That’s predicting nothing good
There was no way back
how to lose everything quickly
You’ll find out in a moment

Punk sex pivo (Punk sex beer)

When I saw her next to the stage
She was really beautiful
As she shook her hair
the colour of her hair went from red to black
Then I met her at the bar
Two beers and two vodkas
I was so impatient
I was so impatient
The girl who likes punk, sex, beer
When I turned back in the crowd
I saw him there
His look spinned my head
I wished to belong to him
Then I met him at the bar
two tequilas Mescala
I’ve got it finally
I’ve got it finally
The boy who likes punk, sex, beer
Our life is punk, sex, beer


It’s not us, but you,
It’s not us, but you, who´s fucking up the scene!
It´s told that punkers are posers these days
Nobody believes them anymore
And a new bands are fucking totally everything up
You’re spreading such shit all over the internet
You’re confused, in fact you have no idea what are you talking about
maybe you’re disappointed, that you failed
who the hell knows?
Punk is the reality, the music and life
Stop watching just youtube clips
Instead of anonymous chats
You better should start visiting gigs
in your local club!
It’s not us, but you,
It’s not us, but you, who´s fucking up the scene!
You’re fucking up S.C.E.N.E.
Let’s go punx – and skins!
It is us and you, it is me and you
We are living for the scene
We´re living for S. C. E. N. E.


Tonight it’s a gig in the club
And I´ve got a new girl
Can’t wait to go wild together
The bands are starting to play
well great, that´s cool
why don’t you wanna go right under the stage?
That´s kind of weird!
Why don´t you want to dance with me
If you fall, they´ll lift you back to your feet immediately
It´s really great!
It´s really OK OK!
You went to sit down to the table behind
And you said we’ll be there together
But that’s not my imagine, how the party should look like
The bands are playing their greatest hits now
And we are sitting here like two stones
While we should be falling to the monitors

Počernice Boys

They´re not spiting each other
And they aren’t praising themselves uselessly
They always stick together
Ten persons as one!
They´re not taking themselves too much seriously
They don´t fight without a purpose
But they’ve got their honour
When it is needed, they choose punches instead of words
They´re flirting with the destiny
They´re playing – to be or not to be
This is their world
One street, five bars
They don´t know sweet happy ends
Or a weekend houses
They just have those five bars
This one street is their world
We know them, you´ll get to know them!
We know who they are, we know who they are
We know who they are…Počernice boys!
The city center is far away
ain’t easy life in suburbs
They don’t mind
They’re glad, that they can be here

Víkend (Weekend)

There’s a house with two entrances
they compete each other
It’s a hard fight, throwing the stones
Who’ll deliver stronger hit
This battle won’t last forever
Truce is always coming back
Let him come on Friday night
The one who doesn´t believe it
Let’s join us, weekend is here
everyone is going to raise their drinks
There’s a house with two entrances
they compete each other
But tonight it’s a Friday night
And that means that truce is here
That house is you and those two entrances
That house is you
and these two entrances
each of them is one of your lives
the first one it’s that one that you’re living during the workweek
the second one is here with us tonight


Why to separate from each other more and more?
While we have something to fight for
We’ve got the same target
So why not to unite?
I don’t care if somebody is with anybody else
I don’t care if somebody is with anybody else if they like it
But when the hard time comes
There’s the only option
There are ideas which might have some reason
but this one really deserves our support
But we have to be careful
There are also bastards trying to hide under coverage of united
They have to be revealed and kicked out of there!

Černé ovce (Black Sheep)

We’re a black sheep in a herd of even more black ones
We don’t follow the crowd we feel good on the sidetrack
How many times did you lie?
How many times did you cheat?
How many times did you do something that you should be ashamed of?
But this is not me
This isn’t my style
I’m only carefree
and I’m staying the same till to the last moment
We’re a black sheep in a herd of even more black ones
We don’t follow the crowd we feel good on the sidetrack
When they hear the money talk
Everyone seems to forget about their dreams and plans
Which they we’re living for
But you see through
You’re just sailing over the life
You need to pay the rent
But you’ll never sell out your heart

Kapitán77 (Captain 77)

He came to play the best records
He’s pulling Billy Idol out of the pack
999, The Members, Cock Sparrer
And slowly preparing The Addicts too
He is Captain Seventy Seven!
He knows when to play The Ramones
The Vibrators, The UK Subs
and The Sex Pistols too
These hits are over thirty years old now
And the will survive for next 100 years
You can bet on it!
Captain Seventy Seven!
Maybe one day he will arrive to your town too
Maybe one day he will play for you too
But maybe it is you
You’re listening to him everyday
It´s just a part of yourself!
Captain Seventy Seven!